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Article: Top 5 Antiaging Skincare Ingredients to Stay Away from for a Youthful Glow

Top 5 Antiaging Skincare Ingredients to Stay Away from for a Youthful Glow

With a quick walk down the skincare aisle at your local drugstore, you’ll find a ton of antiaging products claiming to do exactly what it is you’re looking for. But as you likely – and have unfortunately already found out yourself -  not all antiaging products are created equally. There’s some that work, some that don’t, some that take forever to see results, others that work great but that also add a bucket list of other potential hazards due to the ingredients used, and then, in between all of those jars, bottles and packets, there’ll be a skincare hidden gem. Finding that antiaging hidden gem isn’t as easy as it sounds and your skin’s health should never be a trial and error process.


 1. Parabens

You’ve heard it before, ‘stay away from parabens’. This is, inarguably, the best advice you can get for your health and skincare, as well as the antiaging skincare products to avoid. Parabens are nothing more than a chemical used to preserve shelf-life. They’re found in everything from shampoos and conditioners to face Antiaging skincare routine, anti-aging skincare, skincare ingredients, antiaging skincare supplements, supplements for antiaging, supplements for youthful skin, Pure Elixirwashes, face masks and even cosmetics, and can disrupt your hormonal balance which can significant problems for your health – externally and internally.


2. BHA and BHT

When you hear of antioxidants, it’s easy to assume that all are great for your health and antiaging skincare aspirations. However, BHA and BHT are synthetic antioxidants that, too, are used to preserve shelf life. It’s presumed that these chemicals are carcinogens and can,  not only disrupt your hormones but can also cause damage to your liver.


3. Phthalates

Phthalates are yet another commonly used chemical in skincare products. Their purpose is to increase the flexibility of plastics – both of which don’t need to be in your beauty regime. Phthalates have been concluded to be extremely dangerous for children but if they aren’t good for kids, they can’t be good for anyone. In fact, these chemicals have been linked to causing birth defects. And pregnant, Antiaging skincare routine, anti-aging skincare, skincare ingredients, antiaging skincare supplements, supplements for antiaging, supplements for youthful skin, Pure Elixirexpecting or not, these are definitely chemicals you'll want to stay away from. 


4. Sulfates

Sulfates are another skincare ingredient that is often deemed as being the worst. Chemicals such as sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulfate (SLES) are two of the top ones to avoid, as they’ve been linked to triggering different allergies and skin irritation.


5. Synthetic Fragrances

Everyone loves a good-smelling beauty product, but unfortunately, the effects synthetic fragrances have on your health aren’t as enjoyable. The shocking thing is that companies don’t have to disclose what ingredients are in the fragrance, which can result in hormone disruption, infertility, reproductive issues and allergies. So, always look for skincare products that use natural fragrances, such as essential oils and plant extracts.


The effectiveness of antiaging skincare products is always in the details of the ingredients. Place importance on what you’re putting in your body and on your skin, and a youthful glow should follow.

Play it safe – and effective – with Pure Elixir, a clinically proven antiaging supplement that using safe, healthy ingredients to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Pure Elixir is also great for evening out the skin tone and giving you that youthful glow.  And the best part? You won’t find any of these harmful chemicals in the capsules. It’s the smart and safe way to antiaging.

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