What Actually Happens When You Don't Get Enough Sleep

Without a quality night's rest, it can be difficult to function throughout the day. You feel sluggish until you can slip back into bed and catch up on your Z's.

 However, what may surprise you is that continuous nights of bad sleep or a lack of sleep can be quite damaging to your mind and body.  

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Your Immune System Weakens and You’re More Likely to Get Sick

Your body needs quality sleep to have enough energy to fight off illness. This is particularly why you tend to sleep significantly more when you’ve fallen ill – your body and immune system are working overtime. In fact, there have been many studies that have linked quality of sleep to the strength of the immune system. So, when you aren’t getting enough sleep, your immune system weakens and you are more prone to getting sick.


Your Risk of Cancer Increases

Studies have recently linked reduced sleep to higher rates of cancer – breast cancer, prostate cancer and colorectal cancer, to be exact. On the contrary, people who received more than 7 hours of quality sleep each night had the best mortality rates. So, taking a natural sleep pill can do much more than give you some restful Z's; it could potentially save your life. 


Your Skin Begins to Suffer

The skin is the largest human organ, so it's no surprise that it also suffers when you don’t get enough sleep. Many studies have linked the quality of sleep and sleep habits to the condition of your skin. In other words, bad sleep equals bad skin and vice versa. Thus, taking a natural sleeping pill may be the secret to keeping your skin youthful and free of fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tone.

As a bonus, people who get enough sleep are also more satisfied with their appearance, resulting in greater happiness, skin health and confidence altogether. That’s killing three birds with one natural sleep aid.


Your Chances of Developing Heart Disease or Having a Stroke are Increased

Without sufficient rest, your chances of developing heart disease or having a stroke are greatly increased. What may surprise you is that getting too much sleep (9 or more hours per night) also has a negative effect on your heart health.

So, the key is to get enough quality sleep that your body isn’t forced to oversleep.


You Have Difficulty Focusing

Sleep is crucial for your mind and body to function properly; not getting enough of it makes it exceptionally difficult for your brain to operate at optimal levels. Something as simple as missing one night of sleep can make it exceptionally difficult to think the following day. When this occurs on a frequent basis, your memory, reaction time, problem-solving skills, alertness and ability to make decisions and to reason are drastically affected.


You Begin to Gain Weight

The worst sleep you get, the more likely you are to pack on unexplainable pounds. Studies have found that people who slept between 7 and 8 hours of quality sleep have an easier time maintaining a healthy weight.  


You Are More at Risk of Developing Diabetes

Studies have revealed that people who don’t get enough quality sleep or who sleep too much have a higher chance of developing diabetes in their adulthood. Fortunately, the same studies have discovered that 7 to 8 hours of restful sleep is enough to avoid insulin issues and developing diabetes in the future.


Having the odd bad night without any sleep won’t harm your health. However, if reduced sleep continues it can lead to serious medical conditions. To improve your sleep and prevent this risk from occurring, start taking a natural sleep aid, such as our SMART Sleep Supplement.


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