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  • A collagen boosting diet for glowing skin

    This week we begin a series of articles on our ingredients. Today, we focus on collagen, the most abundant protein in our bodies, and the main ingredient in Pure Elixir 01. The loss of collagen is a major cause of skin ageing โ€“ read on for guidance on how to maintain and restore your levels.ย  Thi... View Post
  • Have you heard the hype about hygge?

    Hygge is the current zeitgeist, the spirit of our age. Everybody is talking about it and autumn is the perfect time of year to get into it. But what is it? Hereโ€™s our introduction with a little extra background to the reason why the Danes are often cited as the happiest people on earth.

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  • Ten Best Foods to Feed Your Skin. Phylicia Jackson-Jones - Nutritional Ambassador for Pure Elixir

    For most people, taking good care of your skin means slathering on an array of drugstore cleansers and moisturisers or treating yourself to the occasional fancy spa facial but what most donโ€™t know is that a big part of skin health comes from within. The first time I was ever introduced to thi... View Post