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Article: 5 Ways to get a Better Sleep, Naturally

5 Ways to get a Better Sleep, Naturally

Sleep is the fuel your body needs to thrive throughout the day, and despite it being one of the most natural things our bodies are designed to do, it doesn’t always come so naturally. With the buzzing technology surrounding you at any given time, the heightened stress that comes from modern living and way too many options for an unhealthy lifestyle, a restful sleep can be hard to come by. The good news is, you don’t need a prescription for sleeping medication (plus all the side effects) just to get some well-needed rest and relaxation. You just need to follow these five steps to getting a better sleep at night.


Use a Natural Sleep Supplement

Put down the prescription bottle of sleeping pills; there are significantly healthier options that are just as effective and that don’t have a long list of potential side effects. Pure Elixir Sleep Supplements are clinically proven to support a deeper,natural sleep aid, natural sleep medicine, sleep supplement, how to sleep better, how to get a restful sleep, insomnia, natural insomnia relief, ways to get a better sleep longer and more restful sleep. The unique formula of natural ingredients and high strength probiotics encourage stress and anxiety relief which naturally calms the nervous system, allowing your body to shut down and sleep. Pure Elixir Sleep Supplement is the natural sleep aid you’ve been looking for.


Shut It Down Two Hours Before

We’ve all fallen victim to the nightly scrolling. You brush your teeth, crawl into bed and are ready to crash early, but then you start scrolling; you start scrolling Netflix’s endless list of options; you start scrolling Facebook to see how everyone’s day went; scrolling Instagram, Twitter, text messages – you name it. Before you know it, the clock ticks past midnight and you frantically try to fall to sleep in an effort to get a full eight hours in.

Unfortunately, the last thing your mind and body wants to do after being electronically stimulated for several hours is fall asleep. So, it’s important to avoid the scrolling, and if possible, avoid any stimulation for up to two hours prior to the time you want to fall asleep.

Instead of Netflix, consider reading or journaling, and instead of Instagramming, try meditating or turning on some relaxing music. This gives your mind and body ample time to shut down, so you can actually get some sleep.


Wake Up and Go To Bed At The Same Time Every Day

Now, you’ve likely heard this tip for getting a better sleep several times before and that’s because it’s important to wake up and go to bed at the same time, so you can set your body’s internal clock. This “clock”, known as your circadian rhythm essentially tells your mind and body when to be alert and awake, and when to shut down and sleep. If it’s off balance, you’ll have a hard time waking up and falling asleep.


Start the Morning with Sunrise Stimulation

Your exposure to light has a lot to do with your sleep-wake cycle. Your brain produces more melatonin (a hormone that regulates sleep and wakefulness) when it’s dark out, and less when it’s light. However, many of us wake up when it’s still dark out, causing the brain fog and sleepiness to continue.

natural sleep aid, natural sleep medicine, sleep supplement, how to sleep better, how to get a restful sleep, insomnia, natural insomnia relief, ways to get a better sleepA Sunrise Stimulation device wakes you up and puts you to sleep naturally, by using dimming/brightening light and sound as needed.


Start to Exercise Regularly

Yet another common tip recommended for a healthy lifestyle that you’ve likely heard many times before is to exercise regularly, but what many people don’t realize is that regular exercise has some powerful sleep benefits that shouldn’t be underestimated. Even something as little as a 10 minute walk each day can improve sleep quality. However, the sleep benefits might take several weeks of regular activity before you start experiencing the full effects. So, get moving during the day each day, and you’ll sleep better at night.


Learn more about this powerful natural sleep aid and ways you can get a better sleep today on Pure Skin Elixir.

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