We are delighted to announce that Phylicia Jackson-Jones has been appointed Nutritional Ambassador for Pure Elixir. 

Phylicia will be bringing us lots of delicious recipes and ideas to help us eat better and our skin glow!

Phylicia tells us below, a bit about herself and her life in nutrition:


Hello there! I’m Phylicia Jackson-Jones and I’m an accredited clinical nutritionist living in central London. I also hold a diploma in fitness management allowing me to advise not only nutritional plans but also exercise plans for individuals. I specialize in foods and healthy recipe writing which is something I have put into practice for the fabulous super market Waitrose, in their Weekend paper. Food and cooking is in my blood and has always been an undeniable passion of mine thanks to my kitchen master of a mother. And having a professional athlete for a father definitely steered me into the health and nutrition direction. I currently run two blogs that you can find many of my recipes on (www.sexydomestic.com and www.thrivery.co.uk).

When I’m not experimenting in the kitchen, writing, blogging, and consulting, you can find me either at home with my husband Steve, and our two Frenchies Dexter and Frances, watching tv box sets (At the moment we are hooked on The Middle and Hannibal!) or Steve and I are usually hopping onto a plane to get to our next adventure somewhere around the world. Either way I’m always here to help put you on the right nutritional path!

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