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01 FAQ's

Why do I need to take a skin supplement?

From the age of 30 collagen levels in our skin drop dramatically. The reduction of collagen causes an increase in wrinkles, fine lines and dry, blemished or thinning skin

Does Pure Elixir replace my skin creams?

No, Pure Elixir 01 is designed to work in harmony with your chosen skincare. Pure Elixir advocates a balanced approach to skincare. We believe that combining our supplements with a consistent skincare routine, skin (an SPF is recommended) good nutrition, rest and exercise are the key to beautiful skin.

What are the differences between marine sourced collagen and other sources of collagen?

Our collagen is pure Marine collagen. This is a benefit as it reduces the presence of mercury and other contamination.

Who can take Pure Elixir 01 SMART Age Supplements?

Any adult can take Pure Elixir 01 it contains the perfect blend of skin loving ingredients found in everyday foods. Key causes in the formation of wrinkles, such as reduction in collagen start in your 30’s. Pure Elixir 01 is not designed for children or teenagers

Is Pure Elixir 01 suitable for vegetarians or vegans?

Pure Elixir 01 is not suitable for vegetarians or vegans, as Marine collagen is sourced from Fish.

Can men take Pure Elixir 01?

Yes, men can take Pure Elixir 01. However, clinical tests into product efficiency have only been conducted on women.

How long do I have to take Pure Elixir 01 to notice a skin benefit?

This can vary from person to person. However, Pure Elixir 01 is proven to reduce lines and wrinkles at 8 weeks, this was demonstrated in a large number of volunteers in rigorous clinical tests. To get the full benefit of the products we recommend taking Pure Elixir 01 on an on-going basis. Pure Elixir is safe to take every day as part of your daily skincare routine.

Will the benefits only be visible on my face?

Pure Elixir 01 is taken orally and this means the active ingredients will get into the bloodstream reaching ALL of the skin. You may notice it working more on your face and hands, as these areas are most at risk of damage from environmental factors.

What’s in Pure Elixir 01 Anti-Wrinkle supplement?

A carefully selected mix of Marine Collagen, soy isoflavones, vitamins C and E, Hyaluronic Acid and lycopene.

Are there any additives in Pure Elixir 01 SMART age supplement?

Our supplements contain only active level ingredients and those required to make the supplement safe and deliver a consistent dose of ingredients.

How many Pure Elixir 01 capsules do I take per day?

Just one capsule per day, with water and food.

What should I do if I miss a day?

If you miss a day, we recommend you just continue as normal with the next dose on the following day. If possible, we recommend taking the daily dosage at the same time each day to help keep a regular dose of actives to your body. Do not exceed indicated daily dose.

What happens if I stop taking Pure Elixir 01?

As skin ageing is a natural process as we go through life, if you stop taking Pure Elixir 01 the effects of taking Pure Elixir will not be removed overnight, however, just like when you stop going to the gym, the results will gradually fade as the ingredients feeding your skin are removed from the body and the natural ageing process takes over.

Can I take Pure Elixir 01 everyday on going?

Yes Pure Elixir 01 is a food supplement that has been carefully designed to boost your daily skincare routine from the inside out. This product is safe for on-going daily use.

Does Pure Elixir 01 have any side-effects?

Pure Elixir 01 has been clinically tested and was shown to have no side effects. Always follow the usage instructions and don’t exceed that daily recommended amount, it can then safely be part of your daily skincare routine.

Are there any allergens in Pure Elixir 01 supplements?

Pure Elixir 01 contains Marine Collagen and soy extract, like other foods these have been known to cause allergic reactions in some people. Always check the ingredients list, and if you have an allergy please contact your health practitioner.

Can I take Pure Elixir 01 when pregnant?

Always check with your health practitioner.