Functional mushrooms and adaptogens are POWERFUL. There is no debating this. When we created 05 SMART Day, we wanted to be sure our customers could really feel a tangible difference. So many supplements these days rely on good intention.

So, what to expect? below we have created your SMART Day journey, what you will feel and when. This helps you understand what you are feeling and build these results into your day. IF you need more power in the afternoon, take them a bit later in the day. If you need to be on fire in the morning, take them first thing.


Reclaim Your day....


30 minutes - The Beginning

Around 30 minutes in, you may start to feel a subtle shift. A boost of energy and focus will wash over you. The noise and chatter may start to subside and the glimmers of a more focussed day are starting to appear. You may also feel a burst if energy at this point.


60 minutes - Entering your Peak

By the one-hour mark, you should find yourself fully immersed in the 'Flow State' sensation. It's a state of mind where the world around you seems to fade into the background, and your focus sharpens. At this point, 05 SMART Day is in full swing.

1-4 Hours - Full Reclaim Mode

As time progresses, you enter the heart of the 'Flow State.' This is when you're in the zone. Your to-do list becomes a breeze to conquer, and the burdens of stress and anxiety seem to melt away. Your focus is unwavering, your clarity pristine, and your energy feels both sustained and balanced. It's a state where you can truly be your best for an extended period.

4 Hours and Beyond - The Afterglow

After you've experienced the full 'Flow State,' there's something magical that happens. We call it the "Flow State Afterglow." At this point, joy and connection become intertwined with the functional benefits you've already achieved. Your sense of well-being is elevated, and you continue to experience the positive effects of focus, energy, clarity, and reduced stress. It's a time when you can savor the fruits of your productivity and feel deeply connected to the world around you.


Remember that the 'Flow State' experience is unique to each individual, and your experience may have its variations. It's a personal voyage into your full potential, and we're here to support you every step of the way.

We hope this glimpse into the stages 05 SMART Day has piqued your curiosity and excitement. Explore this sensation, embrace it and enjoy!


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