Pure Elixir 01 named "Best All Round Supplement" by The Evening Standard

The Evening Standard have declared Pure Elixir 01 "Best All Round Supplement" and we are delighted. 


In the article, renowned Dermatologist, Dr Sam Bunting states “Topical skincare is very useful in treating skin texture but the optimal way to get beautiful skin is to adopt an inside-out approach,”


And our Founder, Amanda, gave her views on why Pure Elixir is ahead of the game in the skin supplement market: 


“A few years ago, a supplement could claim it may help skin ‘glow’, or some such vague term, but now the pressure is on to prove it can really work, Our supplement has clinical trials to demonstrate its effectiveness. Obviously consistency is key. You cannot expect a magic bullet. But tests confirm that at eight weeks, you will see a 23 per cent reduction in lines and wrinkles.”

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