• Best Wellbeing Kit - Platinum Wellbeing Kit

3 Month Platinum Wellbeing Kit - Saving £100

Our Platinum Wellbeing kit, contains all of our bespoke supplements in one easy kit, so you can:

- Sleep better

- Stay Focussed

- Look Younger

- Have a year round glow!


Sounds incredible doesn't it? Our bespoke blended supplements are designed specifically to  meet the needs of todays modern life. Leaving you looking and feeling your best. 


Each 3 month kit contains: 

3 x 01 SMART Age

3 x 02 SMART Sleep - now with 5-htp

6 x 03 SMART Focus

6 x 04 SMART Tan


This is our best value kit saving you over £100  (RRP £528)